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High rollers have been around pretty much ever since casino gaming has appeared.

It’s easy to play for high stakes now that so many casino sites are online. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can play for almost whatever amount of money you wish!

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What Does High Roller Mean?

By definition, high rollers are players that aren’t afraid of betting big sums of money.

They are casino players from all over the world looking for online casinos with the top VIP events. There are no strict monetary definitions of what big bets actually mean. Let’s say that you’ll know a high roller as soon as you see one.

If someone’s bets $50 or more per spin in online slots. Or $100 or more per game round in table and card games, that’s where high roller action starts in Vegas.

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High Roller Casinos

If you’re looking to play big, you’ll need to look for a high roller casino. That should be no issue whatsoever, as most USA online casinos are high roller casinos to a degree. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to head to one of the best high roller casinos, Sloto’Cash.

Sloto’Cash is a dream high roller casino for VIPs that like online slots. It gets its arsenal of those from many of the best software providers. This includes Realtime Gaming (RTG), a studio that’s behind such gems as Achilles Deluxe and Cash Bandits 3.

Incidentally, they are video slots suitable for high rollers with their big jackpots and coin betting range. The welcome bonus can give you up to $7,777 plus 300 free spins!

Sloto’Cash treats all its high rollers as VIPs and gives them access to a long list of perks. Those include daily bonuses, weekly rewards, monthly cashback, and comp points.

Each Sloto’Cash VIP player also gets a personal VIP host that cares about him or her accordingly, which is neat. You can apply for your high roller status as soon as you start playing.

How to Become a High Roller

Becoming a high roller on a gambling site is quite easy. Especially if you have enough money for your first deposit. If you do, just use it to the max on one of the casino’s high roller deposit bonuses.

That will catch the casino’s attention straight away and you should be on your way through its loyalty programs immediately. You’ll also receive a special customer support service channel that you can access 24/7. The response time is faster than normal customer support.

Some online casinos require their customers to start playing before they grant them high roller status in their VIP programs. At those online casinos; VIP casino players gain access to the high roller sections by playing for big bet sizes and the highest limits. Even a few big bets should suffice.

Advantages of Being a High Roller

There are many advantages that come with being a high roller. High roller casinos take the best possible care of players that wager big; whether they are located in the United States or not.

At the best high roller online casinos, high rollers gain access to all sorts of better services. The games are the same, but there are better tables with higher limits available for high rollers. This includes live casino tables, as a high roller, you’ll never have to wait for a seat with the appropriate limit.

Additional bonuses, loyalty programs, and other promotions are on the list of perks. High rollers can get their fill of free cash, free spins, and other nice things when they play big.

Roller casino gamblers receive reload bonuses automatically. And, some loyalty programs even have many ranks for you to progress through (with increasing rewards).

In terms of banking, high rollers enjoy faster withdrawals as well. That can come in handy in various situations and you’ll always get your requests to the top of the queue, no matter how long it may be.

High roller tournaments are then on offer as well to round off the benefits. Those aren’t as impressive as the other VIP perks; competing with other high rollers can be a lot of fun.

High Rollers Online vs High Rollers in Vegas

The main difference between being a high roller online and a high roller in Vegas; you can get access to many real-life VIP perks. These perks are naturally not available to VIPs online. They include access to special lounges, interesting slot machines, and even free accommodation.

Many high roller casinos in Vegas are hotels. They have special suites prepared for their best players. It’s a luxury lifestyle even if you’re losing in Las Vegas.

The best online casinos reward casino high rollers with cashback; other perks to give you a semblance of VIP treatment.

High Roller Bonuses and Promotions

High rollers can enjoy the same bonuses and promotions as regular players. They get access to special high roller casino bonuses.

You can get large amounts of extra cash via high roller welcome bonuses and promotions. Up to tens of thousands of dollars at the best online casinos.

High roller bonuses and promotions work in the same way as normal ones. That means that you have to make a deposit before you get your extra cash. Then, you have to turn it over several times before requesting a withdrawal.

What Is a Whale Play Betting?

From time to time, you may come across the term “whale betting” or “whale play betting”. It’s a short-hand for big high roller bets. Casino VIPs use it in casino gaming and sports betting.

In casino gaming, such bets include big amounts of money put on individual roulette numbers, for example. The rules of chance mean that such bets are very unlikely to land. The wins can be big and that’s what drives these bets.

Whales want to impress others at high roller tables that can lead to some crazy amounts of money bets.

In the sports betting context, whale bets are large bets that are hardly sharp. Moreover, they usually follows mainstream betting trends.

These bets can be in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bigger sports betting markets.

They always move the market in one direction thanks to the money they bet. Though there’s rarely any expertise and knowledge behind them!


High roller casino gaming is a bit different than normal casino gaming. There are many similarities, of course, and high rollers play the same games as normal players for the most part.

High rollers can get access to a special casino area with many VIP perks and options, however. That means a more pleasant casino experience overall – even outside Las Vegas!


Who is a high roller?

High rollers are VIP players that bet large amounts of money in casino games. This applies to both online casinos and land based casinos.

What are high roller casinos?

High roller casinos are casinos that cater to VIP players and give them various VIP perks. Sloto’Cash is one of the best high roller casinos around; it is open VIP players from the United States.
It’s ideal for fans of online slots and high rollers receive a special bonus of $7,777. Besides, everyone can take advantage of the bonus too.

How can you become a high roller?

You can become a high roller just by playing for big sums. Or, by using one of the high roller bonuses at online casinos.

What are the advantages of being a high roller?

The advantages of being a high roller include better deposit bonuses, quicker customer service, bigger betting limits and faster withdrawals.

The list goes on and differs from one casino to the next. Sloto’Cash, for example, gives high rollers daily bonuses, weekly rewards, monthly cashback, and personal VIP hosts.

What are the differences between online high rollers and high rollers in Vegas?

Unlike online high rollers, high rollers in Vegas gain access to many amenities that include free accommodation and travel. While high roller casino players receive comps, bonuses, free spins, and tickets to special sporting events.

How do high roller bonuses work?

High roller deposit bonuses work like classic sign up or reload bonuses. They offer much more extra money, of course, but there are much higher minimum deposits as well. That’s to limit the number of players that can take advantage of them. Furthermore, such a limit allows high roller online casinos to identify high roller straight away.

Who are whales?

Whales are high rollers that aren’t afraid of betting big just to show off. They often make bets with high potential payouts and low chances to win.