Sweetheart Teaser Betting Strategy

teaser sports betting
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Sweetheart teasers or monster teasers, are interesting sports bets that allow you to move the lines in your favor. Even more so than normal teaser bets, which makes online USA sportsbook bettors believe that they are a generous proposition. Setting appearances aside, sweetheart teasers are worth examining, so let’s see what they are all about!

Where To Bet Teasers?

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teaser sports betting

What Are Sweetheart Teasers?

Sweetheart teasers are essentially teasers that give you even more points in your favor than regular teasers. The most common sweetheart teaser will have you bet on three teams with a bonus of 10 points at odds of between -110 and -130.

Let’s give you an example of how this works in practice. Let’s pretend that you’re looking at three NFL games that have regular lines of +3.5, -14.5, and -2.5. You can bet on these as singles or put them into a single combo, of course. You can opt for a sweetheart teaser instead as well, which will change the lines significantly.

Instead of betting on lines of +3.5, -14.5, and -2.5, you’ll be betting on lines of +13.5, -4.5, and +7.5. At the standard US odds of -110, you’ll have to stake $110 to win $100. Depending on the US sportsbooks and specific rules, the odds can be as high as -110 or as low as -130.

Importantly, there are many occasions in which a sweetheart teaser will have one of the lines allowing for a draw. You can have a line of +3 and the team losing by exactly 3 points, for example. Under most rules, sweetheart teasers with a draw in them lose outright. Check the exact rules beforehand – that way, you won’t run into any problems and celebrate prematurely!

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How to Bet Sweetheart Teasers

Betting sweetheart teasers is simple. You’ll have no issues whatsoever if you’ve ever placed a regular teaser bet. All you need to do is navigate yourself to the sweetheart teasers menu. Pick the betting options you want to and select your desired stake.

Note, there are sometimes more sweetheart teaser options to choose from. Three teams 10 point sweetheart teasers for the NFL are the most common, which is only logical.

There are no limits to the sportsbooks’ creativity, though. Many US live betting sportsbooks offer four-team 13 point sweetheart teasers, for example. This type of teasers not only applies to football either – basketball is another sport that’s often on offer.

Are Sweetheart Teasers Worth It?

Now that you know how sweetheart teasers work, it’s time to shed some light on whether they are worth it or not. There are almost never any easy answers in sports betting and there isn’t an easy answer to this dilemma either.

As all sports bets, sweetheart teasers have their pros and cons. On the face of it, it might look that you are onto a sweet deal should the lines move heavily in your favor. You are, indeed, especially given how much the NFL has tightened over the years.

The margins between the teams are becoming smaller and smaller. When online sportsbooks push the line by a whopping 10 points in your favor it’s generous.

This comes at a price, though. Not only do you receive slashed odds, but you need to pick at least three teams to win. That means that you need to be extra careful, though you don’t need to be as sharp as usual on any one specific match.

If you put all this together, it’s easy to see that sweetheart teasers are ideal for recreational bettors. If you want to get a lot of action for a single stake and have a nice chance of winning, place a sweetheart teaser for the big match day.

When you bet on three or more matches you’ll be in a good position to win as well! Professional bettors, however, are sharp enough to profit from tighter lines and better odds. For them, pleaser teasers might be the better option. As they come with way higher odds, though they don’t land near as often.

Where to Bet Sweetheart Teasers

Sweetheart teasers aren’t available at all sports betting sites out there. That doesn’t mean that you cannot place them online, however. You only need to search around a little bit. Our favorite pick is Bovada, one of the best US online sportsbooks out there!

Bovada is an excellent choice for all bettors and it will welcome you with generous sign-up bonuses. The sports betting section has a $250 welcome bonus for everyone, with other bonuses on offer regularly as well.

Bovada also accepts Bitcoin and offers some of the fastest Bitcoin payouts around. Banking can be a hassle at US sportsbooks, but it won’t bother you one bit if you use Bitcoin at Bovada. Both deposits and withdrawals are quick and there are no automatic fees for Bitcoin payouts either – how about that!

Bovada is a proven choice for fans of sweetheart teasers as well. The default sweetheart teaser setting at Bovada allows you to pick three teams with lines enhanced by 10 points for US odds of -130. That means that you’ll have to risk $130 in order to stand to win $100.

You don’t even have to access any special teaser menus when placing a sweetheart teaser at Bovada. All you need to do is select your matches and choose the sweetheart teaser (or any other teaser) option from a simple drop-down menu!

Final Word

Sweetheart teasers are interesting sports bets that move the lines in your favor even more than regular teasers. The move is generous at 10 points or more, but you need to pick several teams instead of just one for standard -110 odds.

That won’t suit many players and chances are that it won’t suit either. Sweetheart teasers are ideal for casual bettors that want to watch a lot of matches without having to place a lot of bets – but they don’t offer a lot for professionals.